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Dragonfly: New deadly designer drug


A new designer drug called Dragonfly has sent several young people to the hospital across the country. It’s perfectly legal and it's also incredibly dangerous.

Earlier this year the Drug Enforcement Administration put fake pot products like spice and bath salts on its emergency banned list, but now there is a new designer drug emerging called Dragonfly.

“It was actually manufactured as a research chemical in rats, believe it or not, but somehow people have got their hands on it mostly through the Internet,” Chandiramani said. “It acts like LSD so they use it for hallucinate properties and what we know is it causes a really long trip.”

The doctor said it can come in a pill form or blotters. Blotters are where a piece of paper is soaked in the drug and then put under the tongue.

“It's something that has caused people to find their way into the emergency room and it's very highly toxic, even in very small doses,” Chandiramani said.

Posted: 11/14/2011 9:13:00 AM

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