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Drug Improves Wakefulness on the Night Shift

From MedPage Today:

Night shift workers experiencing excessive sleepiness felt more awake throughout their shift when treated with armodafinil (Nuvigil), according to research.

In contrast, workers given the older, shorter-acting drug modafinil (Provigil) felt more awake only during the first half of the night shift, Kenneth P. Wright, PhD, of the University of Colorado in Boulder, and colleagues reported at the Associated Professional Sleep Societies meeting.

Armodafinil is the R isomer of modafinil, and both drugs are approved to treat excessive sleepiness in shift workers.

The most common adverse event associated with both treatments was headache, which was seen in 26% of patients receiving modafinil and in 12% of armodafinil patients.

"What we have shown in this research is that armodafinil is able to improve both objective and subjective measures of alertness in these patients. They are not as alert as daytime workers, but they had an improvement in their wakefulness," Wright said.

Posted: 6/11/2010 3:02:00 PM

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