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BPA Exposure: Should Pregnant Women Be Concerned?

From Fox News:

A new study has found a connection between bisphenol A exposure during pregnancy and behavioral problems in girls.

The chemical is extremely controversial, and many experiments are currently being done to determine the effect of BPA exposure on humans.

In this latest study, Harvard researchers took urine samples from 244 pregnant women living in Cincinnati twice during their pregnancies and once directly after giving birth and measured the BPA concentration.

Afterward, the researchers measured BPA levels in the children each year. At age three, parents filled out a survey on kids' anxiety, depression, aggression and hyperactivity, as well as any behavioral problems or trouble controlling their emotions.

Nearly all the women and children had traces of BPA in their urine – on average, a concentration of two micrograms per liter – but the researchers found for every tenfold increase in that concentration during pregnancy, daughters had significantly higher scores on tests of anxiety and depression and had worse behavioral and emotional control.

The same effect was not seen in sons, the researchers said, nor did the children’s own exposure to BPA seem to affect behavior.

Posted: 10/25/2011 9:36:00 AM

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