Nassau Warns of New High for Teens


A prescription pain killer called Opana, which doctors say is twice as potent as OxyContin, is rapidly becoming popular among young people to get high, according to Nassau County authorities. Young people who are no longer crushing OxyContin are looking for a new drug to get high.

Blue Heaven, the O Bomb, Oranges, and Stop Signs are just a few street names for Opana, which costs about a dollar per milligram.

"It really hasn't made its presence known in the police world like OxyContin has, it's still in its early stages," Mary Ann Thompson of the Nassau Police said. "There were four arrests last year but we do expect an increase in that Opana is a dangerous narcotic… highly susceptible to abuse."

In fact 14 people have overdosed on the drug in Tennessee and Kentucky in just the past three months.

Posted: 5/10/2011 9:40:00 AM

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